A. STEPS TO FILLING AN ONLINE APPLICATION (Domestic Filmmakers Seeking State Level And Local Permissions)

The FFO portal accepts online applications from Domestic filmmakers who wish to film in various locations in different States of India. However, it is not mandatory to apply through the FFO and applicants may apply to the States and Central Government Ministries/departments directly too.

Below are the steps to apply for permission on the FFO portal.

1) Register - Register yourself with the FFO website to start your application process. (International projects applying for State permissions need not register again)
  • 2) Fill Application Form - Fill out the application form for seeking permission for film shooting across various States.
  • 3) Upload Documents – The application form will ask for the following information/documents.
    • Synopsis

    • Details of shooting locations in India and the period of shooting

    • Location wise cast /crew details and equipment list, if any

    • Location wise additional shooting requirements, such as use of animals, arms and ammunition, crowd, set structure, Unit vehicles, SFX etc., if any

  • 4) Submit Application – The application will be sent to the respective State Nodal officer/s, whose details will also be sent to you. The State Nodal officer/s will get in touch with you regarding processing of application and payment of fees depending on your location. In case there is no response from the State/s, you may contact the FFO office for follow up.
  • 5) Permission Letter – Once the permission has been granted for any State/UT, the Nodal Officer will upload the Permission letter on the FFO web portal.
  • B. NOTE

    • i) Co-Production - If you propose to shoot your film with an international co-producer under the official treaty, permission for the same must be applied for as an International project.
    • ii) Subsequent to the completion of the shoot, the FFO shall seek and collect feedback from the applicants with regards to their experience of filming, including a request for information pertaining to shooting related data. The applicant is required to compulsorily submit the feedback form.
    • iii) The FFO shall also seek trailer and Hi-res Poster images of the film for display in the FFO Web portal and other marketing collaterals that the FFO may create to promote filming in India, after the release of the said project.
    • iv) The production must agree to have the Film Facilitation Office logo in the final production rolling credits of the project. The official FFO logo can be acquired from the Film Facilitation Office, New Delhi.

    C. MODIFICATIONS in Application

    Once the application has been sent to the respective State, no modifications can be made. They may be communicated directly to the State Nodal officer, whose details are available on the portal in your dashboard and is also shared with you on email.


    • An ecosystem of Nodal Officers has been created across various State Governments and Union Territories and within key stakeholder Central Government Ministries/Departments (viz. Animal Welfare Board of India, Archaeological Survey of India, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Airports Authority of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Ministry of Railways, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs etc.) with a view to enable effective governmental collaborations including faster processing of all shooting permissions and the establishment of a film friendly environment across the country. The portal provides information on the assigned Nodal Officer for respective State/Union Territory along with its filming policies/guidelines, shooting locations and various filmic and non-filmic information of the respective region.

    The FFO can be contacted at:

    Film Facilitation Office
    National Film Development Corporation
    4th Floor, Soochana Bhavan
    Phase -1, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road
    New Delhi – 110 003

    + 91 11 - 2436 7338

    For submitting online application, Click Here.